Our app uses a storage area called "localStorage". This exists only in YOUR browser. No other website can access the storage area we create. For example, "" would not be able to read the data stored by "". In the same way, the area set up by PicSnappa ("Bawdy Boards") is exclusive to us.

We store a limited amount of data in this area, namily:
  1. The type of board added to the cart (Standard, Large or XL)
  2. The name of the board, (stored in encypted format)
  3. A security token (for obvious reasons, we cannot give more details of this)
  4. A string of prices, used by the shopping cart

Once the order has been paid for, the above data is deleted from your localStorage. However, we encrypt the data about the boards you have purchased, and add them to a new string called "myBoards"

When you use our layout generator, data is uploaded to our server, and the software dynamically creates a PDF file. A prompt then pops up inviting you to download and save the zip file. At this stage, the PDF within the zip file has already been deleted from our server

If you use our software to create a file containing all your "Standard" boards - advisable - we upload the entire "myBoards file to our server. This time, we DO save it, and issue you with a code. Should your "localStorage" ever get corrupted, you can enter the code in our recovery area to reinstate the file.

When we save your "myBoards file to our server, there is no "personally identifiable" data required, (such as name, email, address etc) Indeed, even as the programmer, it would be impossible to associate a particular "code|myBoards" stored on the server with any particular person. When using our site, at no point will we ask you to enter any personal details