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Our home page displays all of our wordboards in various categories. There are "Standard" boards, (approx 8" x 11"), "Large" boards (approx 8" x 16") and "XL" (approx 8" x 33") The latter are designed for several people to stand behind, and will need to be commercially printed. There is also a "Mini" board option (8"x 5.5") Simply order the "Standard" board, and we resize via our layout generator

Near the bottom of the page are buttons that allow you to move forward / backwards to display more boards.

If you click on a thumbnail, a larger picture will be shown. This has a "SAMPLE" watermark to stop people copying it.

If you decide to purchase the artwork, - bear in mind we only supply the artwork, not the finished boards - clicking the "Add To Cart" button places said board in your cart. The button will momentarily turn green to acknowledge your request

If at amy time you click on the cart button shown top left, a popup will appear. This shows the name of the board, a small thumbnail image and the price. Should you decide you no longer want a particular board, there is a delete option to the left. At the bottom of the popup are three buttons. One allows you to "Continue Shopping" (ie close the cart window), "Clear Cart" (delete the entire contents of the cart), and "Checkout" (to pay for your order)

The shopping cart actually stores its information in an encoded format in the browser's "localStorage" area. Once you've paid for your order, the cart contents are encrypted again, and moved to your own personal "myBoards" file, again within the "localStorage" area. Each time you purchase more boards, once paid for, they are added to the "myBoards" file. Each order is 'date stamped', and grouped under that date within the drop down menu of our layout generator.

When you send your files to a commercial printer, they prefer the images to be "laid up" (You could ask them to print single A4's ... but that would be far more expensive) So our software allows you to position your wordboards side by side on one large board. For example you can get 16x "Standard" boards on an A0 sheet, and then you simply cut them apart once printed. We reccommend using Foamex board, which is a rigid PVC

If you would rather print your images on a home printer, there is a button that allows you to group all your "Standard" boards into a PDF file, (one graphic per page) Simply select the image in the PDF, and send it to the printer.

The above button is "dual purpose". It saves your "myBoards" file to our server, and issues you with a code. Should your browser "localStorage" ever beome corrupted - unlikey - you can go to our 'recovery' page, enter your code, and the database will be reinstalled. Note: When saving data to our server, we DO NOT require any "personally identifiable" data (such as name, email etc) Nor can we associate a particular code with a particular person. Only YOU know that recovery code.

When our software creates a layout PDF, it exists only to the point of the software sending you a zip file to download. It is NEVER stored on our server

Remember: We only supply the artwork in JPG format (within a PDF) not the finished boards

Due to the large number of images that have to be displayed on each screen, our site is NOT "mobile responsive"

Sorry, but as these boards are a digital download, we do not offer refunds.