(Boards shown lower down this screen)

These wordboards are based on the "saucy" seaside postcard where words and images can have a double meaning, (usually sexual)

Of course, the text and graphics themselves are quite innocent ...
it's how your mind interpret's them !

The artwork (not the actual boards) are supplied in FOUR sizes:
  • Standard A4 sheet size, (approx 8" x 12")
  • Large (Approx 8" x 18")
  • XL (Approx 8" x 36")
  • Mini A5 sheet size (approx 6" x 8")**
    ** Order as "Standard" size, and we resize at the "layout designer" stage
The "XL" size are designed for several people at a time to stand behind the banner.

You can print the smaller banners on a home computer if you wish, but ideally, the PDF artwork should be sent to a commercial printer, printing on 3mm or 5mm PVC FOAMEX board.

  1. Select a board size from the drop down menu below (top left of yellow box below)

  2. Optionally: Click a graphic to see an enlarged version of the board

  3. Click on "Add To Cart" button (This will momentarily turn green)

  4. Click on the "Next" / "Prev" buttons at bottom of screen to view more boards

  5. At any time, click the red "Items in Basket" button (top right) to view your order
    Only appears once items added to basket)

The Shopping Cart shows a thumbnail of the board, together with the price. If you want to remove a board, simply click on the little circle beside   << DELETE Your Order Value at bottom of window will also be updated.

To "CONTINUE SHOPPING", (and close the cart window) press the appropriate button
Or click the other button to "CHECKOUT" (pay for order)
Warning: The "EMPTY CART" button removes all content from your basket

Once your order has been paid for, you will be granted access to the layout designer. Quite simply, commercial printers prefer "print ready artwork", so our utilty allows you to position your graphics, and lets you download a PDF file which you simply send to printer.

For example, you can place 16x Standard images side by side on an A0 "print ready" board Our utility allows you to position your wordboards in appropriate positions. Once printed, you slice them apart with a craft knife / cutting blade

You can now combine TWO "print ready" boards into one larger layout.

For example, purchase 8x standard boards (A1 "print ready" board), and 4x large boards (A1 "print ready" board) and place them both onto one A0 "print ready" board